Loss Prevention:

Loss Prevention is basically being proactive rather than reactive to potential hazards that are quite often in all our homes and businesses. It is placing emphasis on safety in our homes and business. It is identifying problems before they occur.

Many of us live a busy lifestyle and it is easy to overlook potential fire safety and/or liability issues around our homes and businesses that could possibly result in costly repairs as well as taking up some of your valuable time. 

Preventing losses has additional benefits for Middlesex Mutual Insurance policyholders as we all share in the financial success of our company.

Middlesex Mutual supports the efforts of our policyholders with the following loss prevention programs.

1. Sales and Servicing of 2 1/2 lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs, 20lbs Fire Extinguishers

2. Sales of Smoke Alarms

3. Sales of Reflective Tape for Farm Equipment

4. On-Site Loss Prevention Surveys for our Policyholders

5. On-Site Inspections of Wood Heating Appliances

6. Free Deer Whistles

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Mutual Protect

Ontario's farm mutuals want to help prevent you from becoming a victim. We've joined forces with the Ontario Provincial Police to bring you Mutual Protect. It's a simple and reliable way to have your valuables permanently linked to you. 

Because we know the program works, we're making the necessary tools available to you completely free of charge.