Middlesex Mutual Insurance Co.

In 1876 McGillivray Mutual Fire Insurance Company was formed by a group of farmers who wanted to purchase insurance at a more reasonable cost. In 1882 London Township Mutual Fire Insurance Company was formed under similar circumstances. These two Mutuals operated separately until 1998 when they amalgamated to form Middlesex Mutual Insurance Co. 

When you deal with Middlesex Mutual, you become part of an organization that has been meeting the general insurance needs of the community for more than 100 years. We have grown from only offering fire insurance to offering a full line of insurance products including Commercial, Automobile and Liability. We still operate in many of the same ways that we did back then...local, personal service, policyholder owned and operated.

The Board of Directors:

Ken Filson - Past Chairperson, Wayne Parkinson - Chairperson, Dave Dixon, Paul Vandenbosch - Past Board Chairperson, Paula Bodkin - Vice Board Chairperson, Johnny Fansher, Gary Goertz, Ruth Talbot, Nancy Preston - President & CEO, Karna Brennan

When you are insured with a Mutual, you're insured by the best!


  • 100% Canadian
  • Mutual are the have a say in how the company is run
  • Among the most financially secure insurance networks in the world...and it's owned by the policyholders!
  • Through our own guarantee fund and reinsurance plan, each mutual is backed by every mutual in the system
  • No profits paid to outside shareholders
  • Locally owned and operated with directors elected from the community

Neighbour helping Neighbour